Riya Handicraft is an online general retail store selling high quality dresses for  women  at competitive prices. Our business blueprint is structured to efficiently offer to our customers high-grade products from our network of suppliers around the globe backed by the very best support services.

Every day you get our best!

We offer…

• Worldwide shipping


• 24/7 customer service support  (simply email us)


Our story goes back to late 2017 in our store. Out of thin air, with one desk, a couple of items, and just 2 staff, we set out to offer our high quality services and products online, driven by our passion and coffee. We saw a gap in the global market and decided we would fill it with utmost dedication and sense of responsibility.

Essential to our success so far are our core values, which are honesty, transparency, quality, and creativity. Each item represents what we love about fitness and active lifestyle, and we can only hope that they’ll inspire you too.

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Riyas Design

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